There are numerous reasons why a taxpayer might become entangled with the IRS or other state & local taxing authorities. Some individuals find themselves unable to pay their outstanding tax obligations due to illness, business setbacks, or a host of other unexpected changes in financial circumstances. In other cases, taxpayers end up incurring unanticipated tax liabilities due to improper estate planning, poor tax advice, or even by becoming the target of an overzealous tax revenue agent. Even a simple mistake in filing can be difficult to make right without assistance.

No matter the situation, at Avelino Law our goal is to work with our client to avoid tax levies and preserve as much of our client’s assets as possible. Our attorneys have a wealth of experience addressing issues related to federal and state income tax, estate tax, business tax, and sales tax. The Avelino team is uniquely qualified to assist and counsel our clients through any type of tax controversy they might be facing. While we stand ready to litigate tax disputes at the state and federal level, and have done so successfully on many occasions, we also have extensive experience in negotiating favorable settlements and payment plans/installment agreements on behalf of our clients.

If you are facing any tax-related issues, or have questions about the tax law services offered at Avelino Law, please contact our Tax Practice team to discuss how we can best assist you.