Asset protection planning is about preserving your estate from potential claims made by creditors. At Avelino Law, we understand the importance of protecting your assets, which is why an asset protection plan is a fundamental component of every estate plan we design.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in this area, and we understand that asset protection planning is critical not only to our clients, but to their future beneficiaries as well. That is why we take the time to identify the specific types of assets owned by our clients, and determine their individual needs and goals. We also carefully consider each person’s potential liabilities, which can range from tort liabilities, business losses, and claims arising out of divorce, to Medicaid claims and professional malpractice claims, as well as various other commercial and personal tax liabilities.

From there, a unique asset protection strategy is developed in conjunction with a more comprehensive estate plan. Depending on the circumstances, we may recommend certain asset protection trusts, limited liability companies, qualified retirement plans, retitling of real estate, specific types of insurance policies, and various other techniques tailored to a person’s individual needs and objectives. Our team of qualified attorneys will then finalize the necessary documents and guide you through the process.