The practice of real estate law in all its varied applications forms one of the core practices at Avelino & Hartlaub, LLP. Under the leadership of partner R. Jeffrey Hartlaub and his 40-plus years of practicing residential real estate law, the Real Estate Department offers each client the benefit of extensive knowledge of, and familiarity with, all manner of cases, ranging from the simple refinance to complex residential property purchases and sales. The attorneys are supported in these efforts by a paralegal staff that itself boasts a combined sixty years of hands-on experience managing real estate transactions.


The bulk of the firm’s real estate practice is centered on residential purchases and sales. Although the great majority of these transactions are venues in the northern counties of New Jersey, our attorneys can comfortably handle transactions in any part of the state. We strive diligently and professionally to further your interests and protect the investment that is your residential real estate purchase or sale. The services we provide start with negotiating and, when needed, drafting the initial sales contract. (New Jersey residential real estate practice is unique in that all broker-prepared contracts require attorney review, which involves a complete analysis of the contract terms as they apply to the client’s personal circumstances.) Subsequent services evolve to resolving home inspection issues and other contingencies, and ultimately include facilitating the closing with the lender and title company, with the goal of completing the transaction in a timely and efficient fashion. If obstacles arise on the path from contract to closing, e.g. an underground oil storage tank, environmental contamination, a property encroachment, or a defect in the chain of title, Avelino & Hartlaub will bring to bear the collective experience of its attorneys and staff to reach a resolution that best protects and furthers the client’s interests.

In more recent years, as the economic climate has brought enormous pressure on the real estate market here and around the country, Avelino & Hartlaub has also effectively assisted clients in completing the sales of over-leveraged properties (known as short sales), and represented buyers in the purchase of distressed or foreclosed properties. These circumstances require the skills and relationships to negotiate agreements amongst buyers, sellers and lenders, skills and relationships born of decades of experience in the New Jersey real estate market.


Commercial real estate transactions can often present unique problems and issues that need to be thoroughly evaluated and resolved in a timely manner at each stage of the transaction. Sensitive due diligence inspection issues, commercial financing requirements or even complex title or land use issues require skilled, results-oriented legal counsel. We also help our clients resolve disputes involving commercial real estate when they arise, including evictions, landlord tenant matters, and contract or construction disputes. At Avelino & Hartlaub, our attorneys provide a wide array of commercial real estate services to our clients including the following:

  • Purchase and sale of commercial properties
  • Negotiation and review of property and land contracts
  • Negotiation and review of commercial leases for retail and office space
  • Assignment of commercial leases
  • Commercial loan financing
  • Title and insurance issues and claims
  • Commercial real estate litigation
  • Commercial Landlord/Tenant disputes
  • Contractor disputes

Through superior personal service, flexible billing arrangements and a focus on accuracy, the law firm of Avelino & Hartlaub strives to create value for your business in every transaction and situation.


A side effect of the economic downturn and the accompanying reduction in property values is the possibility of appealing your local property tax assessment and thus reducing your quarterly tax bill. If you are interested in learning whether an appeal makes sense for you, we will review your situation and the market value indicators for your property, as well as the current tax ratios and assessments for your municipality. If it makes financial sense to proceed, we stand ready to represent you from the start of the appeal through the final judgment from the county tax court.